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The future of power is upon us and as an Arrowhead One resident you will have the distinct privilege of living in the first sustainable NANOGRID community that doesn't rely on large electrical corporations or munucipalites to determine how you use and are billed for your power. Arrowhead Power is a whole home solution to harnessing innovation and the individual liberty to collect, use and regulate power as YOU see fit, while maintaining indepedence from an unreliable electrical grid. As an electrically independent community, you now have control over how you utilize and harvest power.


With independent battery backups, residents never have to worry about power disruptions!

Through the use of photovoltaic cells and redundant battery arrays residents can rest assured that the natural energy being collected from their individual home will be stored in atonomous maintenace areas and will provide you with power in the events of disruptions, blackouts or outages that occur from traditional energy suppliers. These systems have been throughly designed, vetted and tested to ensure effecient maintenace and upkeep, facilitated through your Arrowhead One Harbor Club's Maintenace Concierge Services, via a simple interchangeable battery storage and distribution system.

Looking to "Go Green" or join the electric vehicle revloution? We have planned and adapted our model with you and your future in mind. Arrowhead Power is not only a solution for clean, fast and reliable energy, but also a means of utilizing your energy to fuel your lifestyle, including electric vehicle chargers in our forward thinking design. If your considering an energy effecient home visit our Harbor Home Lease Package Builder at the link below and design the home that fits all your needs!

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