Arrowhead One's Harbor Club


These aren’t just words at Arrowhead One, but a way of life; achieved through your Harbor Club.

Upon your residency in the community you will be enrolled in the ARROWHEAD ONE HARBOR CLUB, which not only includes a multitude of benefits for you as an individual resident but also serves to build a stronger community. In addition to the intrinsic benefits we are including numerous amenity packages and services (shown below) with your one time Harbor Club fee, each of these packages prove to be an outstanding value over the course of your lease term!

Harbor Club Included Amenities Packages

Concierge Package Included with Harbor Club Membership
  • 24/7 Maintenance concierge for all your home needs!
  • Furnace filter changes.
  • Bi-monthly mechanical inspections.
  • Monitoring of smoke detectors.
Custom Design Studio Included with Harbor Club Membership
  • In-floor radiant heat in main living space & first floor master bed/bath.
  • Solid surface flooring throughout the home.
  • Paint selection options.
Recreation Package Included with Harbor Club Membership
  • Yearly lake permit for Arrowhead Lake & recreational use (for all residents of that household).

Safety & Stability

The Arrowhead One Harbor Club program promotes a high standard and a shared interest in keeping all aspects of the grounds immaculately maintained, while at the same time encouraging stability, residency, and a long-term commitment from each member of the club. Unlike many communities where residents are transient and may vary from year to year, Arrowhead One will be safeguarded from the pitfalls of short term residents, who may not promote a sense of camaraderie or value each and every aspect of the neighborhood, along with its members. In addition, your membership circumvents the revolving door of building comfort and trust with intermittent leaseholders. As with any investment, when you share in a commitment with your neighbors you’re provided the peace of mind that comes with knowing that each member of the community is as invested in the quality and integrity of the club as you are!

Freedom & Security

The Harbor Club also provides our residents with an unparalleled level of freedom and flexibility, through our removal of traditional lease terms and full time, around the clock maintenance staff. When joining the Harbor Club all residents will be able to come and go as they please, knowing that their homes will be secure and maintained. For those who value the assurance that, anytime, wether you’re out of town for the weekend or snowbirds enjoying the winter in the southern states, your home will be cared for, the Harbor Club has you covered. This assurance is provided through each home’s exterior access maintenance room, where all of the integral functions of your home can be monitored, controlled and regulated by our on staff maintenance concierge, without ever entering your living spaces. For all who join the Harbor Club in our initial leasing period ALL maintenance concierge services will be provided for the full length of your lease at NO COST! This doesn’t just include landscaping and repairs but also scheduled maintenance of furnace filters, technology and HVAC inspections, electrical and power assessments, smoke alarm maintenance and much more!


The comfort of knowing that your home and it’s contents are always our top priority is only matched by the freedom the Harbor Club provides. Not to mention, the sense of security that comes with knowing that you live in a town that was recently awarded the title of "Nicest City In America" by Reader's Digest. by Reader’s Digest. While we don’t anticipate Arrowhead One residents moving very often, should you decide to choose a different Master Plan Homes community, move in with loved ones, or explore the world for a period of time, all you have to do is let us know. No fees, no early lease termination penalties, no realtors, no closings or inspections, and most importantly none of the stress or costs that come along with selling a home! We can finalize your lease as you see fit, just say when, IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

Harbor Club One Time Fee
North $50,000
East $25,000-$35,000
Central $20,000
South $15,000


As a member of the Harbor Club, you will also enjoy a level of access that no other community can offer. Your club fee will include an Arrowhead Park & Lake membership that grants you access to enjoy the beautiful Arrowhead Lake that is right out your back door. Residents can enjoy fishing, kayaking, canoeing and many other activities that take place on the lake. The best part is that we provide this approximately $700 annual membership for FREE for the duration of your lease. As an added bonus we will be including full access to Arrowhead Lake’s secluded island for those days when you would like to a relax in a peaceful space for reading, enjoying a coffee immersed in nature, or just spend time with friends and family in a picturesque environment within the community’s newest private island park, only available to Harbor Club Members.


Harbor Club early access residents also have the option to customize their home, this is a feature that is typically only available to Master Plan Home’s custom home clientele. We offer the options of alternate color choice packages that lets you determine the look of your home, including its paint colors and more. Enjoy the freedom in designing your home that only an Arrowhead One resident has.

While the Harbor Club offers all of the above benefits, there are many more that await you as one of the prestigious cornerstone members of the Arrowhead One community. To learn more about all of the Harbor Club Homes click here or start building your Arrowhead One home lease today!

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