Master Plan Homes is proud to present an exciting new take on what Mahoning Valley residents call “Home” with our most exclusive custom home project to date, ARROWHEAD ONE. These modern design lakefront homes unite the lifestyle of homeownership, including all of the features and amenities that our customers have come to expect in our Master Plan Builders flagship custom homes, integrated with the maintenance free benefits of leasing a home. Arrowhead One consists of 19 freestanding “Harbor Homes” catering to the demands of our Valley’s most discerning client!

What do we mean when we say “Redefined”? The experience of leasing a new home is completely re-imagined to accommodate YOUR lifestyle. This includes accommodations that exceed any of our market’s current amenity packages. To create this new level of service we had to look at the entire leasing process from start to finish with a blank canvas. The first step we chose to integrate for our residents was the ability to customize each of your future residences. You begin with the floor plan and select a specific home site, then select each ala carte interior component with the options you would like to incorporate into your lease. This modularity of components and options allows you to have access to technology and services that can be “activated” at anytime. Each home will also feature a mechanical room, accessible from the exterior, that allows service and repairs to take place without a technician entering your home.

Thank you for taking an intrest in the area's most progressive community andif you have any questions of would like to join our early notification list please contact us today!

Harbor homes view over the water's edge


Arrowhead One is the first community of it's kind to incorporate Master Plan Home's new NANOGRID technology. Developed through solar collection and power storage, this infrastructure offers a clean and renewable energy source, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and mitigating environmental harm while providing an independent and stable power supply, eliminating dependence on fluctuating energy prices. Our NANOGRID boasts self-sufficiency and resilience, especially during power outages or emergencies, ensuring a continuous energy supply via redundant systems.